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Industrial solar energy plants

Eoluz has gained considerable expertise in the installation of photovoltaic systems on industrial roofs. Our engineering team has developed various installation systems in order to offer a solution, with a minimum lifespan of at least twenty years, for nearly every type of roof.

Eoluz works with experienced engineers and technicians who will vouch for the development of a customized system which will guarantee you a maximum return. It is therefore with considerable pride that we can announce that the average system yields are 5 to 10% higher than the Belgian average.

Each project is subdivided into 4 phases:

  • Administrative support
    Eoluz will advise you on your application for an ecology tax-bonus (if applicable), the stability investigation of your roof as well as the electrical mains investigation by the grid supplier.                                                                  
  • Engineering
    We develop your quotation into a total concept, specify a definitive installation plan, draw the implementation plans and electrical diagrams and investigate the optimal string configuration.
  • Work preparation and scheduling
    Eoluz always presents its client with an achievable project plan. Together with the concerned parties, the critical tasks such as possible power cut-offs are discussed and scheduled beforehand. Eoluz adopts a flexible approach so that the work affects their client's activities as little as possible.
  • Installation
    Eoluz works together with experienced teams consisting of both its own employees as well as sub-contractors. We make a clear difference between installation work and electro-technology, two fields that require specific skills.



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