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Monitoring & maintenance

It is both to your and our advantage that your solar energy plant performs at maximum efficiency during its entire lifecycle. Monitoring and pro-active maintenance, whether or not under warranty, is crucial.

Eoluz has a professional monitoring and maintenance department in which it continuously invests in order to achieve maximum performance of your solar energy plant. 


Depending your company’s requirments Eoluz can offer the following types of M&M contracts:

I. Basic contract

  • Continuous monitoring, incident detection, preventive maintenance and reporting
  • Included in every Eoluz project for the 1st year

II. Full service contract

  • Basic contract + material warranty (fixed fee), including transport and labour

III. Full service with yield guarantee

  • Guaranteed yield; both for kWh and ‘green energy’ certification scheme (BE)
  • Fixed yearly fee, but with malus when yield is not achieved and bonus when yield is surpassed.

The duration of these contracts can range from 5, 10 to 20 years. Monitoring & Maintenance contracts are also available for systems not installed by Eoluz.

Depending the type of contract you choose the following elements can be included:

1.  Monitoring & incident detection

  • Incident detection and interventions; 24/7, throughout the year
  • Experienced service technicians and experts
  • More than 25 MWp of PV installations currently under an Eoluz M&M contract in Belgium, from 40 kWp to 4 MWp per site
  • Experts in PV panels, invertors, AC/DC.
  • Professional and brand independent monitoring web portal from the SynaptiQ system.
  • Second-line support from the engineering department:

o Simulations in the PV-Sol or PVSYST software systems
o Technical due diligence
o Data communication
o Mounting structure, fixation and roofing
o Designers

2.  Preventive maintanance

  • Yearly preventive check-up on

o Shading
o Need for cleaning
o Aging of all or parts of the installation and supporting structure

  • Thermo-graphical analysis of

o Solar panels, hotspots and full break-down
o Electrical panels

  • String analysis based on actual solar irradiance
  • Cleaning of panels, with specific detergents or osmosis water


3.  Reporting

  • Immediate reporting via e-mail in case of incidents
  • Monthly reporting, including benchmarking with comparable installations under similar weather conditions
  • Yearly reporting on preventive maintenance and on the overall condition of your installation

Upon request:

  • Immediate incident messaging via SMS
  • Analysis of gauges (generation, injection and consumption) and energy balance
  • Client login on web portal
  • Possibility of yield visualization on your location

3.  Material warranty

  • Our warranty prolongs the manufacturer warranty, during the entire contract duration
  • Cost for repairs and replacements are covered, including working hours and transport
  • Short delivery times for components

4.  Yield guarantee

  • Guaranteed yield, fully transparent
  • If the actual yield deviates from the guaranteed yield:

o Under performance = Malus: reimbursement for lost electricity as well as green certificates
o Over performance = Bonus: Eoluz gets a share of the extra profit

5.  System optimisation

  • Does your pv-installation need improvement?
  • Based on in-house resources, Eoluz can drive and execute the full improvement process:

o Root-cause analysis
o Reverse engineering
o Simulation of alternative solutions
o Proposal based on best return on investment
o Execution
o Control and commissioning


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