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New energy solutions


Analysis and advise

Through an energy audit we analyse and map the main energyflows (large consumers, local generation, grid off-take and injection).  Consequently, solutions are presented that can lower the clients energy costs.

Secondly, through continuous monitoring, our energy management system you receive a clear overview of your energy consumption.  This will give you the possibility to make cost-saving decisions.

Technical solutions
Besides solar energy plants Eoluz also offers the development, engineering and installation of the following solutions;
CHP (combined heat & power or cogeneration
Primary energy savings can be made of up to 20%.  With a CHP unit a part of your heat and electricity needs are locally generated with a total efficiency of 90%. 
With the aid of the current subsidies (combined heat & power certifcates) and fiscal incentives through (14,5% investment deduction for energysaving investments) a CHP unit on natural gas has a payback period of only 4 to 5 years.
Energy storage

To have energy at your disposal the moment you need it.  This can be through local battery containers of several MW's for load levelling and peak shaving or small island- systems in areas without access to the electricity grid (off-grid). 

Charging infrastructure

For charging electric vehicles we can propose AC solutions from 1-phase 230V, 16A (3,7kW) to 3-phase 400V, 32A (22kW) to DC quickchargers of 50kW (50-500VDC max. 175A).  The charging infrastructure can be managed in function of your own renewable energy supply (solar energy plant).

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