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Eoluz NV was established in August 2007 by four partners with a combined experience of 60 years as contractors (structural construction, roofing, electricity, aluminium, glass) and 10 years experience of the Belgian electricity market. Installing a renewable energy system is more than just electricity; it requires the correct experience in various disciplines of construction and technology.

In May 2009, the business activities of SunElek BVBA were taken over by Eoluz NV, in order to expand into industrial solar energy systems.

Today, we work with a dozen or so engineers, project leaders and assistants, together with our own employees and a fixed team of independent team managers and electricity technicians.

Board of Directors

M. E. Bart Van den Branden

In 1998, Bart Van den Branden received his degree Msc in Civil Engineering at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. In1999, he received a master degree in Business Economics at the same university.

Between 2000 and 2002, he worked for the software company Beyers & Partners (in the meantime renamed XRT-Cerg, XRT and now Sungard). Here, he worked as a software developer and consultant active in the construction of a high-end cash, treasury and risk management system (typically used by coordination centres and multinationals at that time).

From 2003 up to the start of 2007, Bart Van den Branden Worked at Electrabel, in the market room - at the heart of the business - where he was employed as a business analyst and project leader. As a result of this role, where processing knowledge is extremely important, he built up a relevant knowledge of the current portfolio management and the different possibilities for energy optimalisation.

In August, he set up Eoluz NV along with several partners in order to become active on the market for photovoltaic installations and windmills. Within Eoluz, Bart is mainly responsible for the daily and financial mangement.

Jan Brouckaert

Jan Brouckaert received his Bachelor degree in history in 1999 and his Masters' in 2000 at the University of Ghent.  He then studied General Management at the Vlerick Leuven-Ghent Management School.  In 2001 he received a Master in Business Administration.  During his working career he also attained an Executive Masters in Finance at the Solvay Business School in  2007.

From 2001 to 2011 Jan Brouckaert was Management Associate, Portfolio Analyst and Managing Director - Corporate Affairs at Electrabel Trading & Portfolio.  He was responsible for analysis of the eletricity market, business development, strategy and risk-management.

As co-founder of Eoluz he left Electrabel in 2011 to devote himself fully to his new task as corporate director.


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